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Herbicides Analysis More   and   more,   the   question   of   herbicide   residue   and   its   potential   for   crop   damage   requires   an   accurate assessment   of   residue   presence.   A&L   Canada,   recognizing   this   as   an   important   concern,   offers   plant bioassays   to   screen   for   the   presence   of   crop   damaging   chemicals.   Bioassays   are   recognized   as   a   useful means    for    determining    the    presence    or    absence    of    herbicide    chemicals    that    may    inhibit    normal development   of   sensitive   plants.   Bioassays   use   herbicide   susceptible   plants,   which   are   exposed   to   the suspect   soil   and   grown   alongside   a   control   sample   for   comparison.   The   degree   of   plant   growth   and   its physiological   characteristics   are   compared   to   the   control   plant   to   assess   whether   or   not   the   soil-seed combination   will   produce   a   healthy   plant   stand.   Bioassays   can   identify   known   residues   as   well   as   potential residues in soils with an unknown history of herbicide use.  Pesticides Analysis  A&L   Canada   has   complete   pesticide   analysis   capabilities   for   water   and   soil.   More   than   100   pesticides   are analyzed   for   prevention   and   diagnosis   of   crop   damage.   Cropping   rotations   or   renting   land   may   require specific   pesticide   analysis   to   ensure   the   residue   levels   are   not   such   that   they   restrict   the   growth   of succeeding crops. For detailed information, please contact A&L Canada Laboratories. A&L Laboratories Pesticide Brochure 2015   Submission Form Link/Info: View our submission forms for available test packages (PDF file).  
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