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Soil Health
A&L Introduces New Soil Health Tests The   combination   of   biological,   chemical   and   physical   properties   of   soil   used   to   be   called   Soil   Quality   but   is   now   considered   to   be associated   with   “Soil   Health”.   These   two   terms   however,   will   continue   to   overlap   but   there   is   now   more   emphasis   on   looking   at   soil   not just   as   a   lifeless   inert   growing   medium,   but   more   as   a   living,   dynamic   and   continually   changing   ecological   environment   that   supports most of the life on this planet. Since   its   beginnings   in   2010,   A&L   Biological   has   focused   on   identifying   and   understanding   the   soil   microbiological-plant   relationship and   how   it   influences   crop   productivity.   The   initial   focus   of   our   research   aimed   to   “identify   which   microbes   populate   the   rhizosphere   and its   internal   host   tissues   and   how   does   the   host   select   them   as   an   associate”.   Our   second   phase   will   be   to   identify   what   functions   the microorganisms   express   to   improve   plant   growth   and   productivity.   From   the   chemical   and   physical   perspective,   it   is   essential   that   we create   the   optimal   environment   for   the   host   plant   to   maintain   the   ideal   equilibrium   for   their   microbial   partners   required   to   maintain   what we call Soil Health. Additional A&L Soil Health Tests SBT – Soil Health Analysis (Solvita Burst test) SBT1 – Soil Health Analysis (Solvita + NO3) SBT2 – Soil Health Analysis (Solvita +N03 + NH4 ) SHTEST1 – 2017 Soil Health Test SHTEST – 2017 Soil Health Test with Water Ex-tracted Carbon and Nitrogen SHERBINDEX - Residual Chemistry Profile In-dex SHSCN - C:N ratio SHSTEXT - Texture SHSTEXT2 Texture + Available Water holding capacity estimate SHVAST - Volumetric Aggregate Stability Test SHWHC - Available Water Holding Capacity SHEPD - Heavy Metals SHNEM3 - Beneficial Nematodes SHNEM1 - Nematodes SHRMP – Root microbial profile SHSQA – Sap quality Analysis We will require 2 bags of soils for the following tests: SHTEST2, SHWHC, SHERBINEX, SHNEM3
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