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Our experienced staff supports large innovative growers, agricultural retailers, crop consultants and agronomists to help improve yield and quality while managing input costs.

Whether you’re growing grains, oilseeds, fruit, vegetables, greenhouse or specialty crops, our full-service agri-food analytics lab helps you with your crop management decisions.

Our industry leading Analysis services for soil, plant tissue, manure, feed, water, fertilizer and nematodes gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your crop. We’ll help you interpret results and provide solutions specific to your needs—and because we’re involved with the entire food chain, we offer insights into the needs of processors and end users.

We have our own custom-built precision agriculture software, a for-the-farm traceability program we developed for record-keeping, and the first made-for-agriculture UAV to support our precision agriculture services.

Our divisions include Paradigm Precision (Soil Stewardship Group) for soil sampling, mapping, RX writing and UAV services; A&L Biologicals for research, disease diagnostics and identification of genetically modified organisms; Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for pesticide residue Analysis; Aero Insights for UAV hardware and software development; and ALink Computer Solutions to handle data management, software development and IT consulting.

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Research and solutions for on-farm production issues.

Rapid, state of the art Analysis, data interpretation, and recommended solutions.

Accredited staff with expertise in chemistry, agronomy, information technology and microbiology.

Access to an extensive authorized dealer network of highly trained and knowledgeable crop retailers, consultants, and agronomists.

Industry-leading protocols and practices approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

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Our full service agri-food analytics lab helps maximize your feed quality for better production results.

Whether you’re in the dairy, beef, swine, poultry, equine or small livestock business as a producer, feed retailer, nutritionist, consultant or veterinarian, it’s important to know what you’re feeding them is safe and of good quality.

A&L Canada Labs’ industry-leading services test both ruminant and non-ruminant livestock feed to establish nutritional values for creation of balanced rations.

By using LC-MS/MS analytical methods, we not only determine the presence of mycotoxins, but we specifically identify the type and quantity of toxin in order to ensure top feed quality and safety.

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Access to an extensive authorized dealer network of trained and knowledgeable feed retailers, consultants, veterinarians and livestock nutritionists.

Expert data interpretation, providing practical recommendations and solutions.

State of the art Analysis, giving you the most precise answers in a timely fashion.

Industry-leading protocols and practices approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

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A&L Canada Labs helps food & beverage processors ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements for food safety, traceability and market access.

Unsure about your regulatory requirements or what you should be analyzing for? Our full-service laboratory can help—we let you know the tests you need, conduct the analysis, and help you interpret the results so you know the steps you need to take to implement the correct changes in your business practices.

We provide biological Analysis for bacteria and fungi including coliform, yeasts and molds, aerobic colony count, E. coli, E. coli O157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria spp., Listeria monocytgenes, Salmonella spp., Campylobacter spp., Clostridium perfringens, Shigella spp., Legionella, Fecal streptococci and Enterococci, and others.

We also perform shelf-life and challenge studies for new products in development; water analysis, pesticide residue Analysis for fruits and vegetables, and more.

As demands for food safety and traceability standards grow, regulatory compliance can give you an edge to help maintain or expand your business.

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Real-time results.

A team of experts to assist you with the latest food safety and traceability standards.

Technicians offering training to your staff in proper sampling techniques and protocols.

Connections back to the farm, helping you source the best possible locally produced food ingredients.

Industry-leading protocols and practices approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

Cannabis Analysis and Agronomy Services

  • Licensed Health Canada Laboratory
  • Accurate Cannabis Testing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Complete Offering with Fast Turnaround
  • Accredited Agronomy Advice
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Large companies looking to bring new products to market—whether crop protection, seed, feed or fertilizer—need to ensure those products work and are safe.

A&L Canada Laboratories is one of the few labs in North America that offers the high end analytics required to prove product efficacy and safety using our Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) certified lab and experts.

We assist large multinationals seeking regulatory approvals for new crop protection chemistries, re-registration or label expansion with third party information they require to obtain product registration from the regulators like Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Pest Management Regulatory Agency or Environmental Protection Agency.

This includes field trials, efficacy and safety rates, residue Analysis and optimal product use.

Lab and field Analysis of fertilizer efficacy is available, as is Analysis of composts, biosolids and non-agricultural source materials for Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, coliforms and other bacteria.

We support the recycling of more of the world’s organic materials by working with composting and fertilizer companies to do specific Analysis and develop product recommendations for converting waste into higher value material.

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High-end, technologically advanced analytics required for product regulatory approval.

Accredited, experienced staff.

Customized services and development of new Analysis protocols as needed.

Industry-leading certifications approved by the Standards Council of Canada, such as Good Laboratory Practices designation.

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The thirst for knowledge and an innate curiosity about the world around us drive our research services.

A&L Canada Laboratories supports university scientists with information and analysis to help advance their research. We also offer work placement opportunities to co-op students and post-docs.

We work directly with farmers to provide solutions to on-farm or production-limiting problems and we undertake our own research to boost crop yield and quality by helping to make plants more resilient and resistant to disease and pests.

We know that not all farmers grow crops in ideal soils, so our research also includes challenging, marginal or stressed fields too.

At A&L Canada Labs, we do ongoing work to understand soil makeup and functions to support crop growing and food production. Our research results are shared annually at meetings with grower and consultant groups and our extensive network of fertilizer, seed, and feed retailers.

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High tech, analytics to support university-driven research projects.

Development of new Analysis protocols.

Certified, experienced experts.

Research by and for the industry.

Industry-leading accreditations approved by the Standards Council of Canada, such as Good Laboratory Practices designation.

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A & L Laboratories to Expand Representation in Western Canada

LONDON, ONTARIO -- OCTOBER 9, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in analytical services and technologies, is pleased to announce expansion of customer service in Western Canada with establishment of dedicated company representatives effective January 1, 2019.

Brian Coutts joins A & L Laboratories as Strategy and Business Development Manager

LONDON, ONTARIO -- OCTOBER 2, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in analytical services and technologies, is pleased to announce Brian Coutts will join the company as Strategy and Business Development Manager for the Food & Pharma industries. Brian will also support strategic development of the A&L business in other key business categories.

A & L Laboratories Launches Expanded Disease Diagnostic and Management Services

Stop by booth #356 at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference on October 3 & 4th in Niagara Falls.

LONDON, ONTARIO -- SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in agricultural services and technologies, is pleased to announce an expanded portfolio of Greenhouse Disease Diagnostic and Management Services. To learn more, visit A & L at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference in Niagara Falls on October 3rd & 4th, 2018, booth #356. "Our expanded range of products and services of Greenhouse Disease Management Diagnostics compliments existing capabilities to help growers accurately identify and manage disease challenges and maximizing greenhouse productivity," said Greg Patterson, CEO of A & L. Not only is A & L well positioned in the industry to help greenhouse growers with agronomic advice for disease management, our expertise and world-class facility provide a full-service chemical and microbiological diagnostics laboratory for water, soil, environment and cannabis. "Our expanded diagnostic portfolio reflects our capabilities to develop very specific diagnostic methodologies using the state-of-the-art molecular technologies," said Dr. Keri Wang, Microbiology Lab Manager, A & L Canada.

A & L Canada and Deveron Announce Strategic Alliance

LONDON and TORONTO, ON -- SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., and Deveron UAS Corp. (CSE: DVR), both innovative leaders in agricultural services and technologies, are pleased to announce the companies will form a strategic alliance working towards completion of a definitive collaboration agreement.

New VitTellus Soil Health Test Now Available

A next generation Soil Health Test providing actionable strategies for improved nutrient utilization and higher yields.

LONDON, ONTARIO -- SEPT 10, 2018 -- Traditional soil tests measure the chemical properties of soil, and that is helpful. But soil is a living, dynamic and continually changing ecosystem requiring a more holistic approach to determining optimal and sustainable management practices. By digging deeper into the physical and biological interactions we can make improved agronomic recommendations for higher yields and great profit. The A & L research agronomy team has developed and launched VitTellu Soil Health, next generation Soil Health Test and recommendation package to help farmers and crop consultants make more informed decisions on application of nutrients, and managing and improving their soil. The VitTellus Soil Health test is available worldwide and can be accessed through the VitTellus website.

Nevin McDougall Joins A & L Laboratories to Help Drive Growth Plans

LONDON, ONTARIO -- SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in agricultural services and technologies, is pleased to announce Nevin McDougall has joined the company as President and Chief Commercial Officer. Nevin will work alongside Greg Patterson, CEO and company founder, to drive the strategic growth of the company.

Chris Meier joins A & L Canada as Agronomy and Business Development Manager

London, Ontario -- August 30, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in agricultural services and technologies, is pleased to announce Chris Meier will join the company as Agronomy and Business Development Manager for Eastern Canada. Chris succeeds Dan Clarke who has left the company to pursue other opportunities.

Case DeYoung assumes role of Horticulture Specialist and Business Development Manager

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN and LONDON, ON -- AUGUST 27, 2018 -- A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in agricultural services and technologies, is pleased to announce Case DeYoung will represent the company as Horticulture Specialist and Business Development Manager for the U.S. market.

Fanshawe College Develops Organic Material Testing Robot for A&L Canada

Check out the video here.

Agdia Online Ordering is available now

Agdia is the leading provider of plant disease diagnostics in the industry with a comprehensive line of testing products that are used worldwide. If you want to work with a testing provider that was built and has grown on the principle of confidence, test with Agdia.

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Cannabis Online Submission Tutorial

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A&L Scissor Cut Samples 2018

Growing Degree Days is a measurement of the accumulation of heat based on mean daily temperature above 5 C. There is a correlation between growing degree days and plant maturity. By tracking the feed analysis (Protein, ADF, NDF, Lignin, RFV) and growing degree days we can estimate the optimum harvest date of a forage crop.

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