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A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

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A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

2136 Jetstream Rd.

London ON

N5V 3P5

Tel: (519)457-2575

Toll Free: 1-(855)-837-8347

Fax: (519)457-2664


Contact Staff

Greg Patterson

Ian Mclachlin

George Lazarovits

Keri Wang

Ron Piett

Donald Castonguay

Julie Mollard

Brian Coutts

Haifeng Song

Jian Song

Jeff Toogood

Craig Davidson

Adam Smith

Travis Avery

Roddy McNinch

Jackie Korevaar

Claude Sander

Rob Mann

Brett Guynup

Thane Beagle

Erica MacDonald

Brennan Gaudet

Norm Dueck

Case DeYoung

Mike Folkard

Chris Meier

Nevin McDougall