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Growing Degree Days

Growing Degree Days is a measurement of the accumulation of heat based on mean daily temperature above 5 C. There is a correlation between growing degree days and plant maturity. By tracking the feed analysis (Protein, ADF, NDF, Lignin, RFV) and growing degree days we can estimate the optimum harvest date of a forage crop.

Scissor Cut Samples 2018

DateTotalProtein %ADF %NDF %Lignin
May 13thGDD 150°C31.642519.407528.78756.53
May 16thGDD 178°C28.42522.6126.92255.42
May 21thGDD 231°C24.2725.3732.337.01
May 24thGDD 262°C24.0327.1234.876.89
May 27thGDD 306°C21.9729.5838.666.9
May 30thGDD 362°C19.2231.7538.736.89
DateProtein %ADF %NDF %Lignin
May 13th26.01524.5145.383.1025
May 16th24.0626.8947.37753.09
May 21th21.428.2248.473.88
May 24th18.7930.5954.213.07
May 27th18.2831.8255.043.37
May 30th16.4633.2358.53.77
Rye Grass
DateProtein %ADF %NDF %Lignin
May 13th31.7323.2345.09
May 16th
May 21th
May 24th
May 27th
May 30th