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A&L Canada Laboratories announces launch of TerraSiteRx™ analytics platform

A&L Canada Laboratories offers new solutions delivering farm data insights for better business decision making and more profitable farming.

LONDON, ONTARIO - May 30, 2019 - To better interpret site-specific soil data, yield, and remote imagery data, A&L Laboratories has launched TerraSiteRx™ analytics platform. This platform provides ag retailers and crop consultants analytical tools and algorithms to gain deeper insights from farm data resulting in more profitable decision making.

The new platform is now live and offers comprehensive tools to better analyze site-specific soil test results and correlate nutrient levels to other data sets such as in-season UAV imagery. The new analytics platform offers the following features and benefits for clients:

  • TerraSiteRx™ Soil Maps providing multi-layered soil data with built-in interpretations for the execution of precision fertility programs
  • Comparative analysis of soil nutrient and field image analytics to address in-season fertility needs
  • TerraSiteRx™ proprietary algorithms for better data interpretation and timely decision making

Access to TerraSiteRx™ is complimentary for this initial version to clients who have geo-referenced soil test results from A&L Canada Laboratories. Clients can use the platform to view farm data collected throughout the growing season such as remote imagery. TerraSiteRx™ algorithms for interpretation of remote imaging data are available on a fee per acre basis. Algorithms initially available for remote imaging interpretation include:

  • Crop Health Report - MNDVI
  • Plant Stand Counts / Crop Density
  • Crop Damage
  • Crop Stress
  • Biomass and Targeted Soil Sampling

"TerraSiteRx™ is unique due to A&L's interpretive soil mapping systems and application of nutrient algorithms which have been validated by years of in-field research," said Greg Patterson, A&L Labs' Founder, and CEO. "Our clients have been asking for simple, interpretive tools to better understand what is happening on the farm. We are excited to offer TerraSiteRx™ to deliver clearer insights to farm data and more profitable decision making."

TerraSiteRx™ can be easily accessed by A&L clients through the DataWeb client portal. If you are interested in establishing an account and having site-specific soil analysis completed, please call 1-855-837-8347. For more information on TerraSiteRx™ visit