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The A&L Cannabis Leaf Nutrient Analysis Webinar Recording is Now Available on YouTube

A simple, effective tool for understanding and optimizing hemp & cannabis crop nutrition is Plant Analysis. To help you get started, the A&L Canada Laboratories’ Webinar CANNABIS LEAF NUTRIENT ANALYSIS (recorded May 14, 2020) is now available on the A&L Cannabis Labs YouTube Channel at

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A&L Cannabis Webinar: Cannabis Leaf Nutrient Analysis

Are your plants running on empty? Do you check your plant nutrient levels during growing stages? Tissue testing is often overlooked but critically important for the optimization of cannabis and hemp grows.

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A Quicker, More Affordable Mycotoxin Analysis Is Now Available

A&L Canada Laboratories is pleased to provide new Mycotoxin Screening to our agriculture customers.

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Seed Germination Testing Available

A&L Canada Laboratories is pleased to provide Seed Germination Testing to our agriculture customers:

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A&L Laboratories Appoints New Customer Service and Marketing Lead in the Cannabis Division for Direct Customer Support

Daryl Patterson to provide production and technical support for cultivators and extractors

LONDON, ONTARIO -- FEBRUARY 18, 2020 -- A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., an innovative leader in agricultural services and technologies, is pleased to announce Daryl Patterson has been promoted as Customer Service & Marketing Lead, Food & Pharma in the expanding cannabis division. Daryl will work with cannabis growers and processors to provide technical support for soil and plant analysis, Health Canada testing requirements and precision agriculture services for outdoor production.

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Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash