A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.


"I appreciate the speed and accessibility of A&L Canada's results, both written and on the internet. As well, our customers have confidence in their recommendations for crop production -- and that’s very important to us. A&L Canada are an excellent resource for information for specialty crop production."

"McCain Fertilizer has been using the services of A&L Canada since 1996 and have had great results. The main services we use are the soils analysis and tissue analysis. The results are always sent to us in a timely fashion and if there happens to be a snag, the staff at A&L are always helpful and knowledgeable as to the status of the sample. The results themselves are accurate and detailed, which in turn lets us and other crop advisers give a better representation of fertilizers needed for the crop to be successful. As well, the billing system that the lab uses has worked great in our accounts payable department."

"We've been doing business with A&L for 20 years. One of the things that I count on is their fast turnaround. I can courier soil samples and I get results rapidly - sometimes within 36 hours. Now with the internet, I can go into their web site after hours and access results right away - another big positive for me. The other benefit for us is their qualified staff - their knowledge and follow-up is fantastic."

"A&L Canada is pivotal in the success of our business. The quality of analysis and the analytical service with Greg Patterson’s knowledge of the crops we are working with, specifically potatoes, is of great value to us. They look at soil chemistry and physiology and how those work to get us higher yields and higher quality."

"I have dealt with A&L Canada for 15 years. Greg and Ian are very knowledgeable and provide follow-up on everything from soil and physics to common sense advice on field and specialized vegetable crops. They have a very efficient, organized system from the front desk to the lab."

"What I have been impressed with, and what we utilize to the fullest is Greg’s work on potato nutrition. I’ve attended every potato school he’s held in the past few years and that has really helped our business. Greg has done a lot of work in research in all crops and helping our staff better understand soil fertility. Service is always good in terms of getting the lab work done on time. There’s convenience in getting the results back by mail, fax or email - quickly."

"The three key areas that I really appreciate with A&L Canada are timeliness, accuracy and research. I am extremely happy with the turnaround time on tissue analysis and the accuracy of reports being sent back. Also, they have done a fair amount of research on plant nutrition -- especially turf and vegetable crops -- which is great information and very helpful."

"We do a tremendous amount of business with A&L Canada -- well in excess of 1000 samples a year. A large portion of that business is horticulture and they are very experienced in this area - their technical support and turnaround time is excellent. Any lab can process the dirt but it’s their people, their expertise and technical support that add such value to the sample. Our business is based on value added and we appreciate the value they add. They’re just good people to work with. If we have issues in the field, they are more than willing to follow up with us and provide the support we need. A&L Canada is more than a lab and that is important to us."

"A&L Canada's service has been great. We’re starting to do some nutrient sampling and the nice thing for us is that their turnaround time has been very good and that’s important to our business. A&L is there to provide support and the growers in this area are quite happy with that."

"We have been a customer of Greg Patterson and his staff at A&L Canada for almost 15 years. I have always found them to go beyond the expected when it comes to looking after our business and our farm customer’s needs - whether it be in turning a job around in short order, responding to a special request or supporting our staff with customized technical training and proprietary software. What I really appreciate is their understanding of plant nutrition and soil fertility and the role they play in growing top crops and diagnosing problems within a crop. They not only provide a great lab service, they are a crop expert on call."