A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

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Analytical Testing of HEMP

Soil / Media Analysis

A&L Canada offers a complete soil analysis package of your growing media that measures availability and fertility balance of all essential nutrients to optimize plant production.

Plant Tissue Analysis

In season plant tissue analysis provides a proactive management tool to monitor, adjust and maximize the plant’s production potential. Utilizing our own unique plant monitoring tissue program throughout each stage of the plant’s growth allows identification and adjustments before nutrition becomes economic limiting.

Water / Solution Analysis

A complete water/ solution monitoring program is essential to maintaining optimum plant growth to maximize plant health and production potential. A&L Canada offers a complete water analysis package including macro and micronutrients, soluble salts, and interpretive ranges.

Plant Disease Diagnostics

Cannabis production is a highly technical controlled environment that requires continuous management to avoid production problems and economic loss. Early and rapid plant diagnostics is essential for disease management. A&L Canada’s team of experienced plant pathologists employ the latest biotechnology and diagnostic tools to provide rapid, accurate, plant disease diagnostics.

Finished Product Analysis

To round out our full line of services, A&L Canada offers a complete list of analysis on your finished product’s quality from pharmaceutical medicinal active compounds, heavy metals, aflatoxins, pesticide screens, microbiological product safety, extraneous foreign matter, and product uniformity.