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Berry Patch

The Berry Patch web page by A&L Canada (Greg Patterson) is an interactive web site for small fruit growers. This web site deals with production information and Nutrition of Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.

A Newsletter on production of these crops will be placed on this web site on a regular basis that will take the grower through the different nutritional requirements and specific production techniques at the various stages of growth. Each newsletter will contain current research information and techniques in growing small fruit that will deal with yield and quality issues of these crops.

The Newsletters will be written by a number of authors, however the majority of the information will be written by Greg Patterson who has over 20 years experience in small fruit nutrition and production techniques.

If you are a subscriber to this web site you will be able to ask questions related to production using [email protected]. Each time a new newsletter is up on the site the answer to these questions will be addressed. Your questions plus many other questions and answers to do with small fruit production will be posted with each newsletter.