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Soil Health Symposium Series 2019

Improving Soil Health for Higher Yields

Please join us for the A&L Soil Health Symposium 2019 for free as our guest. This Symposium is designed to present the latest practical agronomic research that will be valuable to farmers, agronomists, and retailers to help them increase the yields and productivity of their farms.

1. Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - Noon to 5 pm (Lunch Included) - Location: Crossroads Conference Center
2. Thursday, September 26, 2019 - London, Ontario, Canada - Noon to 5 pm (Lunch Included) - Location: Western Fair District, Carousel Room
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A&L Mobile Applications

smart submit app store link smart submit google play link

A&L Smart Submit is a mobile solution provided to A&L customers to submit their soil submission information electronically. Watch Instructions Video on Youtube

smart submit screenshot 1 smart submit screenshot 2 smart submit screenshot 3 smart submit screenshot 4

nutrient removal calculator blackberry store link

This tool is to provide a calculator to farms or consultants of agriculture sector to calculate nutrient removal based crop type/crop name and intended yield goal.

nutrient removal calculator screenshot 1 nutrient removal calculator screenshot 2 nutrient removal calculator screenshot 3

Deviation Optimum Precentage google play link

DOP is a new methodology for plant mineral analysis interpretation, and diagnosis that can provide information, both on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of nurition. DOP allows for the simultaneous evaluation, in a given sample of the nutrient concentrations, nuritional balance and order of limitation of nutrient contents.

Deviation Optimum Precentage Deviation Optimum Precentage Deviation Optimum Precentage Deviation Optimum Precentage