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Solvita Products

Solvita Compost Maturity Test
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Woods End's widely-recognized test for determining the compost Maturity Index. The easy-to-use test utilizes two gel-systems that react rapidly to carbon dioxide and ammonia gas, changing color in proportion to the concentration in the compost material. The results are read after 4-hrs exposed to the compost in a special incubation jar. A chart is used to determine the index from the two independent readings.

For fast, reliable measurement of CO2-respiration and ammonia volatilization in compost products. A World-Wide Accepted Standard in Compost Testing.

'6-pk' performs 6 double tests (6 CO2 + 6 NH3) and includes 6 test jars

Test kit recommended by most state agencies.

For accurate reading, we recommend the Solvita Digital Color Reader (DCR).

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Solvita Grain Spoilage Test BULK LAB PAK
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New Technology for measuring grain fungal spoilage potential Grain storage studies have shown the utility of testing CO2 respiration as a means to gauge the potential for spoilage. Recent research shows that the CO2 released from incubated grains may be used to accurately predict remaining storage life. The Solvita procedure combines these findings with modern technology in a reliable, simple-to-use process which can be performed fairly rapidly and at the reduced cost as compared to traditional lab respirometric procedures.

includes 96 tests w/o jars

For an accurate reading, we recommend the Solvita Digital Color Reader (DCR)

solvita products
Digital Color Reader
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After a decade of successful SOLVITA applications, Woods End is pleased to announce the Digital Color Reader. The Solvita DCR vastly increases the reliability, precision, and functionality of Solvita Kits.

The DCR is pre-programmed to read High-CO2, Low-CO2, and Ammonia-NH3 in accordance with measuring compost, manures, soil, and grain. The DCR is both battery and USB powered. By using the USB port, the user is able to upload the reading for use in a spreadsheet or report.

The DCR comes with 6 detectors and 2 test jars

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Solvita Manure Test BULK LAB PAK
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The Manure (Ammonia) Kit is specially adapted to measure volatile ammonia (NH3) content of compost/manure. Can be used for semi-solid samples in a manner similar to the compost test kit, and in situ to reveal emissions of ammonia from bedding packs. Proven in poultry houses to measure volatization potential from surface litter.

The Solvita ammonia probe detects NH3 in a range from 100 - 30,000 ppm and may be read from 1 - 24 hrs. Useful for estimating losses of nitrogen, and safety conditions in barns from accumulated manure.

'6-pk' includes 6 NH3 detectors, 6 'incubation' jars

solvita products
Solvita Soil CO2-Burst Test - BULK LAB PAK
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A laboratory package containing 96 soil test probes for performing the CO2-Burst procedure. Order required filters, beakers and jars separately.

solvita products