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Introducing New Soil Health Tests

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The combination of biological, chemical and physical properties of soil used to be called Soil Quality but is now considered to be associated with "Soil Health". These two terms however, will continue to overlap but there is now more emphasis on looking at soil not just as a lifeless inert growing medium, but more as a living, dynamic and continually changing ecological environment that supports most of the life on this planet.

Since its beginnings in 2010, A&L Biological has focused on identifying and understanding the soil microbiological-plant relationship and how it influences crop productivity. The initial focus of our research aimed to "identify which microbes populate the rhizosphere and its internal host tissues and how does the host select them as an associate". Our second phase will be to identify what functions the microorganisms express to improve plant growth and productivity. From the chemical and physical perspective, it is essential that we create the optimal environment for the host plant to maintain the ideal equilibrium for their microbial partners required to maintain what we call Soil Health

Additional A&L Soil Health Tests

We will require 2 bags of soils for the following tests: SHTEST2, SHWHC, SHERBINEX, SHNEM3

Package Description
SBT OM,CO² Respiration, Mineralizable Nitrogen,Biological Quality Rating
SBT2 SBT + N03N & NH4N
SHTEST1 2017 Soil Health Test
SHTEST 2017 Soil Health Test with Water Ex-tracted Carbon and Nitrogen
SHERBINDEX Residual Chemistry Profile In-dex
SHSCN C:N ratio
SHSTEXT2 Texture + Available Water holding capacity estimate
SHVAST Volumetric Aggregate Stability Test
SHWHC Available Water Holding Capacity
SHEPD Heavy Metals
SHNEM3 Beneficial Nematodes
SHNEM1 Nematodes
SHRMP Root microbial profile
SHSQA Sap quality Analysis