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Introducing VitTellus

"Healthy Soils, Greater Profit"

VitTellus logo

A & L Canada Laboratories supports farmers and crop consultants to improve soil health through research, information, soil management recommendations and education.

Traditional soil tests measure the physical and chemical properties of soil, and that is valuable, but soil is a living, dynamic and continually changing ecosystem and requires a more holistic approach with a microbiological component for a more complete soil assessment. By digging deeper into the physical, chemical and biological interactions we can make improved agronomic recommendations for higher yields and greater profit. The biological composition of the soil reflects the presence of disease suppressing and bio-stimulating microorganisms in the rhizosphere.

The A & L Research agronomy team has developed and launched VitTellus℠ Soil Health which is the next generation soil health test and recommendation package to help farmers and crop consultants make more informed decisions on their application of nutrients and on managing and improving their soil.

Additional A&L Soil Health Tests

We will require 2 bags of soils for the following tests: SHTEST2, SHWHC, SHERBINEX, SHNEM3

Package Description
SBT OM,CO² Respiration, Mineralizable Nitrogen,Biological Quality Rating
SBT2 SBT + N03N & NH4N
SHTEST1 2017 Soil Health Test
SHTEST 2017 Soil Health Test with Water Ex-tracted Carbon and Nitrogen
SHERBINDEX Residual Chemistry Profile In-dex
SHSCN C:N ratio
SHSTEXT2 Texture + Available Water holding capacity estimate
SHVAST Volumetric Aggregate Stability Test
SHWHC Available Water Holding Capacity
SHEPD Heavy Metals
SHNEM3 Beneficial Nematodes
SHNEM1 Nematodes
SHRMP Root microbial profile
SHSQA Sap quality Analysis